Just posted Tremble Theater pg 52 which marks one year of roughs publishing. I originally expected the roughs to go for about 3-4 months. House construction delays, interior refits and moving issues blew that away. Surprisingly, at least according to Google analytics, there’s still a decent audience following the site even with the crappy art. Nothing like when we were well into the story but I had expected worse. I want to thank all those who have followed along with Digit’s “Dream sequence”. I salute you and am hoping to validate your faith in the continuance of the webcomic. The status at this point is that finally, the art production infrastructure (see pic) is once again in place and color art will begin coming out again for the webcomic’s continuity from it’s last point. Unfortunately, it will take a number of weeks to build up a buffer but we will be publishing regularly again soon. The ultimate future of the webcomic will depend on how many people come back or start it from the beginning. Again, sorry about the hiatus but thanks for your support. IMG_0007artroom

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