We want to thank all the people who came to see us at San Diego and who bought the first “prototype” book of the Gremlin Princess Webcomic. Unfortunately, we could only afford a small 50 copy print run and sold most of those out at the show. We will, however, be running a Kickstarter drive in October for printing the full up, corrected version with additional pages.

The continuation of the Gremlin Princess story (book 2) will start on the website as soon as we get an 8 page buffer in the can as well as fixing some issues on the website. We WILL be continuing Gremlin Princess but it is possible there will be some kind of wacky intermediate pages published while the buffer is being rebuilt. This is all provisional at this point so please keep checking us out on a weekly basis.

As of this date, 8/6 there are still 2 pages left in GP book 1 which have not been posted and will take us to August 19. I am finishing pages 1 and 2 of book 2 as I type with one hand and ink with the other. (whew!)

Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!

ET and Liz