In the Gremlin Trouble series of books, we would occasionally suggest a soundtrack to go with a comic scene. Usually something classical and in particular baroque. Baroque music was a style written from the early seventeenth century to the early eighteenth. This was a period where Sir Isaac Newton et al were laying out the groundwork for the clockwork universe in science and baroque music reflected that culture. So much so that it has been described as “sewing machine music”. Anyone who has a fondness for Vivaldi would reject that description IMO. Nevertheless, I can see their point, the music has a distinct mechanical flavor and would be, therefore, favored by machine spirits. Add in that the creation and performance of music is itself a form of technology and the connection with Gremlins becomes even more compelling.

The video features the brilliant Europa Galante baroque music group playing one of my favorite pieces by Vivaldi. If you like it, there is a link for purchase at the youtube site. Apologies in advance for the pop up ads.